2 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Thanks for the suggestions Ed! It’s amazing how weeks – even months – after a package that you realize the little things that get missed. I didn’t give much thought to black and blue bars per se since that page runs black and white. I am usually given more space than I need to fill which is why I went for the graphs. Plus it was a major game with NCAA tournament implications and in games such as those I like to use graphs.

    On the other page, South Carolina sure loves its acronyms! Jokes aside, I don’t possess the graphic artist skill let alone time to pull off a map of that magnitude, though that I agree that’s my preference :(

    A lot of times I have to improvise being a reporter/photographer/designer/editor/. The rest of our staff has been redistributed to other newspapers/projects in our group. Thanks again for the advice!

  2. I wish we were given more space than needed more often!

    Everything on the VSO cited page seems to be the same size, no focal point. The golf ball might have been nice to be a cutout like the bear.

    I like that you gave all of the stats on the left side of the sports page, but it bothers me that it is presented in three different forms (numbers, pie chart, bar chart). The final score to me is the most important so maybe that could be set apart different than the rest of the stats. I agree with Ed on the colors of the graphs. Maybe if all three sets of stats had some unison in color they would’ve flown together better.

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