5 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Very nice clean front page! I really like the sidebar. The “Ocean Bay” head bothered me some at first; there seems to be too big a gap, but the rest of the heads have similar spacing so it balances out. Too bad someone couldn’t pull some of the yellow out of the bottom photo but it’s a cropped nicely. It’s just doesn’t look as crisp and sharp as the others.
    On A2, the graphs bothered me. At first, I thought the bottom ad was part of the graphs. (But I like the ad – attention getting!)

  2. @Ed, the S.C. Department of Education rates schools as either excellent, good, average, below average and needs improvement. They don’t specifically itemize what that means, though I suppose an A-F equivalent scale apples (A-Excellent, B-Good, etc.). School boards would differ on that lol. At the time the graphs seemed like they would work, but looking back I would definitely put them up top and shove the teacher salaries to the bottom right. I’m OK with the photos because they’re there mainly to complement the graphs and pictorally represent the schools. They’re file photos from unrelated stories. Both schools have identical construction, which is why I didn’t use building shots.

  3. Also, I really wish I could dump the postal code. It prohibits me from being more creative up top with teasers. But it’s a requirement from the post office. Without it in that exact spot, the post office won’t deliver our papers since we’re a free distribution paper. If we were paid circulation, we wouldn’t need it.

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