2 responses to “Page from: Kasia Pierzga | The Whidbey Examiner

  1. Hi Ed – Thanks for the great feedback. I agree with you on the placement of the QR code, but I had some concern about how small I could make it and have it still work with a QR code reader. Plus, hardly anyone where we live knows what they are, so I felt I had to sort of “explain” with a little tag line beneath that invited people to use their smartphones to click on it to see more photos. I think you’re right, though, that maybe I could have put it to the left of that photo, below the one above it. Hindsight! :-)

    I also agree that it’s less than ideal to not have the names of the people in the photos, but with one photog (me) scrambling to shoot a long and meandering parade, taking lots of pix and not knowing which I will actually use, it’s really impossible to get names! We normally ID people that appear in photos.

    Thanks for the feedback! Anyone else?

  2. Marc Stumbo

    The funky font is one I may have used before I started subscribing to Ed’s blog, but one I would NOT use since I have subscribed to Ed’s blog. However, it works fine here … and on the funky scale, it’s maybe a 3.

    The white outline should go, however. I have a solution to a dark color drop shadow over a dark photo … it’s a double drop shadow where the first shadow under the solid type is white, then the second is black. It’s a more subtle approach but needs a lot of tweaking to get it right.

    The lead photo of the parade could have been better … there’s too much pavement in the shot. A little movement either into the paraders or into the crowd would have compressed the distance between the two and made both elements appear closer together, thus eliminating the large amount of asphalt that takes up a substantial amount of the picture’s real estate.

    Spacing between the photos is not consistent. The space between the dog pic and the girl waving pic is bigger than the space between the rest of the photos. That is distracting to me.

    There’s a nice bit of white space to the right of the package, but none to the left, except for the bottom left corner. A little judicial cropping of the saluting photo on its left side could have added some white space and balanced the package a bit better.

    Ed is right right right on the individual names thing … GET NAMES … A L W A Y S. Take a picture of people who are identifiable, then get their names. If not, then it doesn’t run. Period. Running pictures that show people close-up with no names is bad journalism. Even if it is a group of 20, get their names. I did it for many years … it’s doable, AND it sells papers.

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