One response to “Page from: James Debilzen | DeForest Times-Tribune

  1. Hello Ed,

    Thank you for the reference to our website, Billion Dollar Graphics. We uploaded a library of graphics from which we had hoped people could get ideas for their projects, and I was delighted to see you using our site to do just that—give James ideas for his graphic project. I’m also impressed with what you are doing on your site and the advice you are giving others on this type of design. I started out designing ads for the East Baltimore Guide newspaper 15 years ago. It was a great foundation and learning experience in graphic design. I only wish that I had your site when I was working there!

    James’ project has a lot of text, so it is challenging to integrate visual elements. The final concept turned out clean and easy to follow. I think there are a few ways to make it visually interesting without too much clutter.

    1. Consider blowouts. I agree that the photos look too “yearbooky.” I’d like to see the photos incorporated with the text that describes them. Maybe he could use a shaded box with text larger or bolder next to the photo. This will also draw the reader’s eye into the timeline and make important events pop.

    2. It is important to highlight that it’s the 100th anniversary, since that is the theme of the graphic. The “Centennial Timeline” text was lost. This text would look great in a banner or a treatment that gets the reader’s attention and speaks to the idea that this graphic is celebrating an important event.

    3. Think about visual elements that speak to your subject matter: hose, firetruck, dalmatian, firehouse, fireman’s hat, etc. If you didn’t have as much text, you could have used a hose with a nozzle on one end or even a firetruck broken up into segments as your timeline. You can have a lot of fun incorporating images into timelines and various charts. Check out Nigel Holmes’ website for interesting takes on explanatory graphics.

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