One response to “Pages from: Tracy Rusch | The Catholic Herald

  1. I only have a couple of comments to add to Ed’s thorough going over.

    Regarding the nameplate: I have a feeling the black word “Catholic” is intended to be run in different colors, as it was in its previous incarnation, and I’m not sure that’s a really useful variation. I like the lighter weight of the new version, and the fact that it takes less vertical space.

    like Ed, I caution against the use of colored text. It may look good on the computer screen, but any small or fine-lined text in color loses its clarity on the press due to (a) halftone screening of one or more inks, (b) misregistration of inks on the press, and (c) slight spread of the ink into the substrate (newsprint).

    Often, when I mention those cautions, the response is, “obviously, the printer just needs to get control of the press and the process.” But if we’re talking newsprint on a web press, only a certain amount of control is possible.

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