5 responses to “Pages from: Kristen Swing | Herald & Tribune

  1. Cynthia

    I do not like colored headlines or centered headlines. The bottle seems out of focus…

  2. I get the medal O when I see it, but I wonder if it might have worked better letting the special come in closer to medal on the wrap and letting it nudge the l over.

    Im generally a fan of giving readers a surprise with an occasional pop out of photo frame element or past a rule cutout. And the hair creeping over isnt overly done, but I think it loses its surprise a bit with all the cutouts on the page. Maybe its me but when I use that I generally try to keep everything else framed and ruled down the line on that page and the facing page (if its not a front) to emphasize it.

    Looking at the content, but not knowing your space limitation behind it, I’d tweak Ed’s suggestion and if possible kept the outdoors classroom as a nice ruled off content below or where it is and have made the special olympics the wow inside factor with a nice promo shot in the flag (if thats in your style tolerances) because actually I think either one could be your main feature with the treatment they have here and I think the competition — not in size, but in the cutout touches and lead in heads — is what hangs me up on it.

    I love the Little League cover, with Ed on the Herald&Tribune repetition, find it a home. Only other suggestion would be watch those background photos and clean up what you need to. I believe Parker Lewis has a base runner coming out of, and Madison Aleman has a shortstop headed into, a rather uncomfortable place. I don’t know if you need tiny major leaguers in the background to create the little giant effect. I may be wrong, but if others are with you on that I think a little photoshopping might prevent the unintended appearance.

  3. I really like the “Lifestyles” font, and I’m not really sold on the orange. This is a cool design, but I wonder if the outdoor classroom story would have worked better on an inside page, so you could give more space to “Bottled Up” and the Special Olympics kid feature. . .these two seem to deserve color, while outdoor classroom, not so much.

  4. I agree with all about the Herald & Tribune line across the bottom. And I agree with Marcus’s comments on the the Little League cover background photo, but at first glance I did not notice those issues. At first look, I just thought “Wow, what a good-looking cover. Those kids and their parents must have been thrilled.”

  5. Jillian Potter

    I love the wrap around the bottle, but don’t know which story to focus on more when both the Special Olympics and the Bottled Up stories are just about as equally big. I think one should dominate. My old newspaper went through a re-design and flew in Jeff Holloway, a published designer, to give us some tips and he had this “maestro” technique where on the front page of a section, you’d pick the story that you wanted to really stand out and then lay-in the rest of the articles so that they didn’t take away from it.

    Just a personal style preference: In the redesign process, I’d advocate for the center alignment of bylines/jump tags/photo captions, etc to pick a side – left, or right for jump tags.

    Love the front cover for the Little League. I don’t know if it’s just that the image on my screen makes the red font with black stroke on the bottom hard to read, but make sure you’re confident in your press to print red/black type that small on regular stock to come out crisp. Unless, that is, you’re printing on glossy.

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