7 responses to “Pages from: Buzz Trexler | The Daily Times

  1. Slight correction to the cross front info Ed. Frank came up with the idea and definitely did a lion’s share on the planning, scheduling photogs out to shoot and looking over what they brought back and shepherding the concept. Amanda did the actual cross work design with Frank’s input to reach the final version. As far as planning, starting early and that went this was an A, but then I saw it all happening for several weeks as I sit between his door and her desk. :)

  2. Cynthia

    IMO, it’s quite strange to have a banking ad right under a cross. Either the front is dedicated, or it is not. Personally, I’m not a fan of any advertising on the front page, except maybe a tiny ad with the teasers. But, I’m old….

  3. I’ll refrain, mostly …
    The faith does raise one point I’d like to hear comment on. Ed mentioned the promo, but in a tight section like this one, do you need to provide some obvious direction in your promo text when the photo doesn’t exist inside? This is pointing to the Daily Calendar, should it say that between the current text and the page number to be absolutely clear? How does everyone else handle that? When the newshole gets squeezed this section suffers first and the promo to a pictureless Daily Calendar is sometimes the only content to work with without jumping sections, so I’m wondering if we should be concerned with making it easier on the readers or if we should trust they’ll figure it out?

  4. Love the cross concept and execution. Too bad there was no public input or takers on the contest, but that has been an issue for us in the past as well. I would be interested in hearing from others that have been able to pull readers into submitting info or entering contests.

  5. The headline on the Faith page could use a little tweaking in the spacing so it doesn’t look like it reads “God swill.” The different colors should prevent that, but for some reason I still keep seeing it that way.

    The cross contest is a great idea. I’d love to recycle it in our rural county.

  6. Lauri Shillings

    I like the idea of the cross photo identification promo. Not sure I would have made it a front page. You say this was a contest? No where on this page (that I can see) does it lead me to the inside ‘contest’ Info? Perhaps no entrants because the reader didnt know to enter?
    It’s always been my experience you have to make it paInfully obvious to the reader what to do, how to enter, etc. Other than that I think it’s a great idea. Most community newspapers would do well with this idea. Nice overall feel to the page.

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