One response to “Page from: Marc Stumbo | The Beacon

  1. I give an A for talking the reporter out of giving you a big long story, if it had incorporated all of that material only people looking for mention of themselves would get to the end of it.

    But it gets too busy with all the art, though you certainly do get a lot of faces and names in there, which does tend to make the readers who make it in there and their families happy. Though I think a bigger dominant and then careful packaging of some of the smallers and maybe packaging the breakout quotes in one or two places. Though admittedly that has potential for a gray middle if you’re limited by what you can and can’t do with editing or choosing the art once you get it.

    But again, I like being proactive for avoiding 40 inch soul crushing stories that are really a main 18, a sidebar 12 and two breakouts.

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