5 responses to “Page from: Josh Dewberry | The Monroe Journal

  1. My goodness – this fellow looks like he’s preparing a sneak attack. The photo on the bottom right seems more welcoming. Sorry, but it has a “Deliverance” feel to it.

  2. You said you ‘went with Boo Radley’ does that mean there was other art to choose from of lesser characters than the ones who were unavailable. Or was there file art from the actual production? Just curious what the other options were.

    I like the photostrip across bottom, Ed may have a point with the black but if it went that route I think I’d try the rich brown color at far right. I’m not certain but Im wondering if it might have made it pop even more with some “open me up” type text under the photos that gave a one/two word plug with a page number under each photo. Might make it too busy for the rather nice, clean look, but a thought. I’m a pro-promo person by nature though.

  3. Josh

    Thanks for the input, folks. I got similar feedback from a couple of folks here in the office, but others thought it intriguing, as did I, and immediately knew it was Boo. My original idea was Atticus sitting in the rocking chair reading a copy of our paper, but he was gone for the week and the section had to be finished on Friday, leaving me with limited choices. We don’t have any archived photos of the play because of rules about shooting during the production, and they have a staff photographer that generally supplies us with promotional pictures, but none fit what we wanted for the cover. And I did try multiple other colors (the shutter, the orange, even the blue from the overalls) but I was concerned about the color bleeding into the photos, while I knew black would not.

  4. If that photo was on an inside page, I would definitely read any story that went with it. As a welcome and invitation to the area, though, I find it rather repellent. (Strictly from a reader perspective, nothing to do with design.)

  5. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Maybe the fountain photo would have been a better lead graphic. Then, the guy could have been one of the thumbnail shots at the bottom. And, I do agree that a little promo of each might have tied it together a little better…at least for those of us who aren’t from that area that have no idea what or where these places are.

    I sort of like the black, but maybe it would have looked better if it were at the bottom of the page? Just a thought.

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