5 responses to “Page from: Marcus Fitzsimmons | The Daily Times

  1. Jay Dickerson

    Only a C? It’s an original idea, and it’s going to be a hit with the families and friends of the players. It sure beats the static “head shots in a row” that usually go with the all-county or all-state team announcements.

  2. cf

    I like it! I am curious though how the designer created the bodies for the bobbleheads: was it something found ready-made at an art service or something created in Photoshop?

  3. I’m opposite to #3. I give it an A for idea and a C for execution.
    I like the idea but the knock-outs are rough. Artwork should have one huge PhotoShop file so it would be seamless and there would be no white gaps along hairlines. Also, you could have skewed and distorted the names to the fit the nameplates better.

  4. Agree that the execution is rough. Try to think about how the target audience will respond. In this case, that would be the players and their families. My guess is not all of them will be thrilled with the presentation, since it makes the athletes look goofy. Would proud parents rather have this in their scrapbook than a nicely done mug or photo? My solution would be to do it the standard way, but in as clean and timeless a manner as possible. Sometimes innovative design doesn’t best serve a project.

  5. As was noted in original comment, execution did run short and it was a C. Had we had the time, we’d have been able to get the original uncropped photos and could have gotten full hair on the female players instead of the noticeable haircuts many received. The cutouts of the heads didn’t get as much attention as we wanted, nor did the bases of each player and the shadow get enough attention.

    FOR CF – actual photos of bobbleheads of Luke Walton of the Lakers, Yao Ming from Houston and the WNBA’s Connecticut tripod were used. Ming’s red jersey is the base for the boys and it was photoshopped to make a Daily Times jersey. Then the clone stamp was used to somewhat duplicate it over Walton’s purple jersey. The girls were easier, though a number got missed on half of them. The bases weren’t thick enough to hold the text we were using so we manipulated them, but not as well as we wanted.

    No negative responses yet, actually had a lot more file copies sold the Monday after pub than we usually do for these pages. And one Mom wanted to buy her daughter’s bobblehead LOL.

    Somewhere there’s a happy mix between a display page that on the low end is nothing but obvious head shot mugs in a line and I’d say this was the opposite extreme. Advertising always wants us to come up with something they can use as an example to “sell” the page with a strip ad for the next one and this was kind of our ‘put up or shut up’ response after several years of the finger being pointed at the udesk as the reason they haven’t been sold.
    Overboard? yes. Effective? TBD.
    But if anyone else has their treatment for similar themes they’d like to share I’m interested in seeing some from outside our area. As I also noted, I file away everything I like as an idea stash and am always looking for a new kernel of inspiration.

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