2 responses to “Pages from: Julie Holcombe | The Greer Citizen

  1. Very nice! I think if that was the only photo you had of the plane, maybe a cutout would’ve been nice instead of putting a box around it. I agree about the map graphic leading your eye off the page. Being nitpicky, I would’ve tightened up the T and A in Taking Flight. Nice job though. I don’t live there and it makes me want to read the story.

  2. Your graphic designer did a good job on placing the jet in the statue’s hand! It works well and Southwest will probably steal your idea for future ad work.
    On the second page, perhaps use the map as the lead photo with a clipart suitcase tucked beside and behind the map. Let your designer slap a Southwest logo on it to give it that “let’s fly away” impression. Then box the quote and move it up into the text to break it up some and get rid of the two center long columns. If the wing of the jet on the right side is not cropped in the original, delete the background and use it with a text wrap.

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