3 responses to “Pages from: Scott M. Brings Plenty | Cherokee One Feather

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Thanks for all of the comments…they are truly helpful as usual. The pallette and knife and fork graphic in the top one are the official logo of the National Nutrition Month though and nothing I created. I guess it would have been helpful had I mentioned that somewhere in the cutline or on the page. I agree with your points on the bottom one as well…I was pleased at first with it, but when it came out in print I knew I’d done some things wrong.

  2. I agree with most of Ed’s comments on the Eat Right page. Type width is WAY too long, and the spacing between the drop can and the body copy is too large as well.

    The graphic is odd. From a design standpoint it’s flat. The view is from the top down – there’s no dimension to the food. A set-up studio shot would have been much better. If you don’t have a studio, you could set it up outside or inside next to a large window. Get or make the palette (plywood, scroll saw and a little sandpaper), then select a few easy-to-find food items from all those food groups and arrange them on the palette in a pleasing manner. Take a picture from various angles and use a couple of diffused flash guns fired through some white sheets if you don’t have studio lighting available – this will add modeling light. Then take a picture of the knife and fork and put them in the palette in your photo editing program, as I assume you did here. Fewer food items, arranged in odd numbers, better lit and shot at a more pleasing angle would have looked much more professional. Hey, it might have even been fun!

    The Health Challenge photo is the perfect example of why you should try to shoot for your layout. Knowing that this story would be played up full page (even if the design wasn’t finalized) the photographer could have maneuvered to a better vantage point to eliminate the background or used a longer lens at a high aperture for shallow depth-of-field to blur the distracting background. That is just good photography and would have made a better picture regardless of the layout. Given this photo, I agree with Ed and would have blown away the entire background. That would have given you some runaround options for your body copy other than a square block of text. Doing that would have freed up the horseshoe and you could have moved it lower on the page to be more in line with the subject.

    Per Ed, the headline is too s p a c e y.

    More nits: The byline could have been placed more creatively somewhere else on the page. A drop cap on the first graph would have helped anchor the top of the story. There’s no line spacing between the statistical graphs. The subheads on those graphs could have been a sans-serif font and very bold to set them off. The Chili Cook-Off subhead is indented, but the others are not.

  3. I really like the concept behind the second page and I think Ed covered the implementation portion. I’d have wanted the horse shoe to pop out somehow because even with the positioning by the headline I had to go back and look because of the background.

    I’m not sure a pure cut out works because you need some degree of it to provide depth and content to the pit and pole. Might have tried a cut out placed over a very high transparency to make the player, horse shoe and the pit the pop outs items.

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