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Quick question re: spacing

SCOTT M. BRINGS PLENTY asks for some help with spacing between packages.
Hello Ed, I have a question I’d like to pose to you and your readership: How much space should be left between packages on a page?
Right now, I realize I probably do it pretty old school as we have a gutter width of 0.167″ so that is the space that is generally left between packages as well.  I’ve noticed some papers use that grid and others use a lot more space.
I’m really starting to like the extra space.
What would everyone recommend on spacing?  And, not just this question…but, how much space between headline and body…photo and cutline?
This probably all seems very elementary, but it really would be helpful to have other ideas.


1. On fronts and open pages (sports, opinion, features and such), I usually allow three picas between packages. And I dissect that space with a .5 point solid rule.

2. On inside pages, where I have to deal with ads, I allow two picas between packages.

3. Here’s a hint: measure and think in picas and points. That’s a system developed centuries ago to work with type—and it still works today. On newspaper pages, 1/4 inch space is too wide…1/8 inch is too narrow. The measure that’s right between them, 1/6 inch, works just right. And 1/6 inch is equal too…a pica.

What are your thoughts on spacing? Let’s share those with Scott!

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