3 responses to “Pages from: Gary Spurgeon | The Bloomfield Democrat

  1. Judy Salter

    I agree with all your comments, Ed. but I’d like to know why some photos have a 1 pt frame, while others have none. It’s noticeable and to my eye, jarring.

  2. You probably have a text style you have to adhere to, but some of those headlines, like “I Survived,” screams for more boldness. The little one column stories to the right of the “Survived” story are holding on for dear life from falling off the page.
    Perhaps it’s because you’re snapping to the baseline grid — and I have had that problem, too — but the leading between some headline lines is too much. You can drive a truck between them!
    On the drowning story, an inset photo of the victim or a close-up of the anxious bystanders would have added impact and human emotion, helping to lead into the “ice not safe” story.
    On some of the long stories, would there have been a way to splinter some of that copy into a graph or chart for more impact? City council stories can be – yawn – boring, but the news (or the council’s lack of decision) needs to be told to the public. My eye tends to jump to a simple chart. If I saw a little chart that showed how many issues were tabled at a meeting, I’d be talking about it to my neighbors or calling someone about their non-action. Just a thought.
    I’m a novice at this, but why are there so many varying column widths? It’s bothersome to me, but hey, what do I know? I bow to Ed’s wisdom on this.
    Overall, the pages look clean and neat. The white space is nice and the photos, for the most part, are large and draw attention. Keep up the good work.

  3. There’s a lot to talk about here. I’m just going to nit about typography: Much more attention needs to be paid to it.

    Headline word spacing is too narrow. I’m reading “Keepingstreetsopenischallengingjob” – even when I zoom in on the page.

    Is it your style that stories end 1 line short? If it isn’t, then work your tracking to flesh out the graphs and even the columns (or edit the copy).

    There are lots of unnecessary orphans and a really wicked widow at the top of the second leg of the drowning story.

    There are too many different column widths used. My rule of thumb is to use 1 different column width per page.

    Some of your jump slugs align with the bottom of the column, some are below the bottom of the column, and the spacing between the last line of the story and the jump slug varies – that should be consistent.

    Too many long gray body copy legs – they need to be broken up. Things like inset mug shots, illustrative charts/graphics, subheads and pull quotes go a long way to break up the grayness and keep the reader on the story.

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