Whatzit? A whoozit? No…a whatzit!

HAVE YOU ANY IDEA what this is? No? None?

Then…you’re not keeping up.

Better find out fast…because it’s coming your way, like it or not.


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11 responses to “Whatzit? A whoozit? No…a whatzit!

  1. QR (Quick Response) matrix code reader for mobile devices.

  2. We don’t. We do have an advertiser (a bank) who has started using it in their ads asking potential customers to use a QR code reader to “scan for more information and rates.”

  3. Jay Dickerson

    We have a QR bar at the bottom of the front page. It sends readers to The Galena Gazette’s website.

    So far only a few advertisers have thought to include QR codes in their ads, and that’s too bad. There’s potential here. Restaurants could get readers right to their websites for the daily special, or stores could use the QR code to send readers to an online-exclusive coupon.

    • We really need to get our ad departments to create these codes for our advertisers…and offer the codes to them for a one-time charge of…what…$10? $25? the point is, we should NOT be waiting for advertisers to come to us with QR codes. We need to be aggressively selling QR codes to our advertisers—and making a few bucks for doing that!

  4. Also, there are several free QR code generators online (quick Google search and you’re ready to go) that will make the process a super simple offer to advertisers, though I do recommend testing them first!

  5. Hi Ed,
    How and where do we get these codes for our advertisers?

  6. Terry – I personally have used this site:

    Good idea on selling them to the advertisers Ed.

  7. We have several realtors that put each house listing online and they beat us to the QR code by a few weeks, incorporating them into the weekly real estate section with each house they listed.

    After Ed got through last month, they’re on all the internally flagged sections (Opinion, Baseball, Money, Outdoors, etc) but go to different places on our web site related to that page. In photo packages where we have a gallery online, we’re still listing the address as a bit.ly at end of cutline, but also using a qr. Online photo sales have been climbing since we started the bit.ly in cutlines a few months back but adding the qr has helped keep them rising.

    It does take some work though to incorporate the qr (at a size easy enough for smart phones with the free aps to read quickly, we’re using 4p2 or about .7 inch as our minimum for news stuff) as part of the package rather than just a free floating albatross.

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