11 responses to “Pages from: Karen Geary | Paris Post-Intelligencer

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    I think you did a great job!

  2. Jay Dickerson

    You can never go wrong with a dog on a lawn mower.

    I like the headline fonts. Is that Formata?

    I like the boldness of the standing section heads (“home”, “garden”, et al).

  3. Jeremy Morlock

    I enjoyed the section as a whole, and the section headers do tie it together nicely. It’s too bad more of the ads weren’t in color.

  4. Kristin Coker

    I love the bugs. They make me want to swat them.

  5. Great job! I wish we got even three days to work on things like this. If we are lucky we can start design elements the day before.

  6. Cynthia

    Great job!

  7. Count me in on liking the bugs, nicely done. And I like the cutting on the other pages to give cuts an interesting nontraditional home.

    The garden headline separation from the copy got me at first, maybe shorter hammer and a sub, but that’s just my preference in that situation.

  8. The bugs actually make me itch while I’m reading. Which I guess is a good thing, design-wise.

    The section headers on the side threw me for a moment, as I mistook them for ads. By the third page they didn’t seem so strange.

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