5 responses to “Page from: Marcus Fitzsimmons | The Daily Times

  1. Kristin Coker

    Solid page, and the fact that it was last-minute just makes me like it even more. Love the elbow of the player coming out, it gives the page a little extra. Kudos.

  2. Maybe the numbers in the “Numbers” side rail could be bigger to break up the type. I like the QR code as well, and that you have the URL typed out for those who don’t have smartphones.

    • Ah…yes! A good point: Ya gotta have the url there as well, for those without smartphones. I’ll take credit for that little move!

      • Yes Ed gets credit for that inclusion. BUT as this was a new flag for this page and including a qr for it rather than not, we’ll split it Ed 98: Me 2.

        Would the center have worked better being the 3 col (off grid) to get the center art bigger rather than the bottom story being the off grid?

  3. I lilke the package with the close up of the player with his arm partially cut out, but the bottom photo looks like a very similar pose with a lot of empty space around him. Maybe a different type of action shot to give a bit of variety to the visuals on the page.

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