3 responses to “Page from: Marcus Fitzsimmons | The Daily Times

  1. Jay Dickerson

    Very cool package. I’m a sucker for stats–I assume you wouldn’t have had those as well if you didn’t ask. The “record book” and “notes of interest” content may seem like little stuff, but it’s just another entry point into the page for a reader like me.

  2. Like! While I know nothing about racing, from a visual standpoint I may have tried placing the two logos in the body of the story and running text around them.

  3. I like the page! The graphics under the main headline doesn’t bother me because if you center the graphics in the middle of the story with a wraparound would clash with the Bristol logo. I would have like to see that logo bigger since it is an anniversary year, but if there’s been a “big deal” about it already, then there is no need to elaborate again. The progression of photos in the fast facts is nice – drivers, wreck, wide shot of track and crowd – only thing missing is a buxom woman in a tight tank top (or Dancia Patrick). Too bad the ad looks like crap.
    As for the “just ask” matra, I’ve been doing that for years (and didn’t even know it was one of Ed’s workshop points). Last year, our newspaper needed a new map showing campgrounds and lake area sites. It was bantered around how to accomplish it in a hurry, and I mentioned we needed to contact the 911/EMS director. Not only did we get a map with the main roads but one with secondary and minor roads in CAD format. We just flipped that baby into PhotoShop and we had a great map!

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