5 responses to “Eight (count ’em…eight) pages from: Cynthia Hester | Nashville Ledger

  1. I really like the redesign but have a practical question – how do you budget news stories by having none or only one on the front page? We fight to have enough pages for copy. Just wondering what suggestions you have.

  2. POW! WHAM! I really like the Job Wars cover. Even the jagged look of the keys and the slanted hotel keycard lends to the design. The only thing I don’t like about the skybox is the online box on the right. To me it seems too heavy or too blue for the design.
    I also like the angled piece of heavy equipment on the double spread and the use of the bold yellow and black for a story on construction.

  3. The theater story looked great, with Woody peeking around the edge of the rail. Although the white type over the marquee gets a little lost. (A problem I struggle with constantly, so don’t take my noticing too seriously.)

    I echo Karen on the heavy equipment. Excellent!

  4. I find it interesting that there are nothing more than “teasers” on the front of the Westview. It seems more like a magazine this way. How do you handle breaking news in this format? Is this an exception or do you make readers still turn to the inside for the story?

  5. Am I tracking this correctly? The former Westview became the Ledger? Frankly, an amazing transformation. Very nice.

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