9 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Ed, did any readers note that the Chronicle had a postal indicia at the top corner that was a reversal? Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think the USPS requires a white background and black text for the postal information.
    Also, from a newsprint production standpoint, any registration issues at all will make the indicia unreadable when reversed on a four color background. We try to keep postal information as clean as possible. If the paper is never delivered because the mail carrier can’t read the address, all our great design work is wasted!!

  2. Pat

    I’m always amazed that people can sit at that angle in bleachers … LOL. Straighten the photos please.

  3. I agree with Ed that the multi-stamp look is a little overkill…Not sure what options you had, but it would have been nice to see photos or scans of collectible stamps and not just our current “forever” stamps. I really like the full page use of the basketball photo for the sports front. Just wondering how easy the story copy was to read at the bottom of the page on top of the photo. I believe that would have been a problem for us when it went to press.

  4. What about using a cancellation handstamp and one stamp as the artwork for the stamp lovers’ story? And I agree with Julie – use a collectible stamp with the scalloped edges, not the new Forever stamp. The cancellation stamp could be angled, smeared, or some effort to make it look old. By using the artwork would push the lousy photo down and into the story. Might use another collectible stamp, angled and text wrapped, at the end of the story.

    • I like these ideas! Especially the angled, smeared cancellation stamp (though I think cancellations stamps went out with the 50s, didn’t they? No matter, the idea still works!).
      PS: Don’cha just love it when you can end a sentence with THREE punctuation marks (see above!). Ooops…I did it again (didn’t I?).

  5. I also would’ve liked to see many different types of stamps that were seen at the show.

    The bug is too large on the page… it turns me away from wanting to read the paper. I like the idea of the frozen sign photo. I noticed the ice right away.

    I agree with the nameplate being too small with the city photo. Nice photo though. I wish we had something like this we could use for our paper instead of our cartoon nameplate.

    The sports photo coloring is a little yellow. Gym photos are hard for this reason. Maybe the photo could’ve faded in from the top so the section and headline could’ve been in black type with an almost white background? Just a thought :)

  6. Kristin Coker

    Michael, I love your pages. Yeah, you could have done this or that but overall they’re really good. That being said here’s what I see you could have done.
    1. Too many stamps, I like the idea of using a couple larger, turned, and faded.

    2. The bug is a little larger than actual size. I once made a page about spiders, but, to make it more believeable, I made them actual size and put three in random places around the entire front package. I had one hanging off the nameplate and another near the center of the package. The next day I had several phone calls about people trying to KILL their paper. LOL! But they thought it was also very ingenious to arrange them in such a way. So, try making insects a little more believable.

    3. I really don’t want to stay in your hotels. That’s just creepy and uggghhh! You’re spacing in headlines seems a little much. How much do you lead your headlines?

    4. You do have to watch how you put a story into a picture. I probably would have used a transparency here. It would have given you more light space to work with and readability would have been better. It may be pretty but if they can’t read it they’re just going to put it down.

    I look forward to seeing more stuff from you Michael.

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