7 responses to “Pages from: Mandy Froemming | Anoka County Union

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    I think you’re spot on. And, you’re definitely never too tough as everyone who posts here is seeking feedback and your feedback and other’s feedback has been invaluble to me.

    That said, I tried the rule under the byline for awhile, and completly agree that it sort of separates it from the article. I don’t do that anymore…just center the byline over the first column of text.

    What about jumps? What is a good way to handle jumps? I have tried putting a rule under the “jump headline” (i.e. PACKERS, from page 1), but not sure that I like it that way because, again, it sort of separates it from the rest of the package.

    • I think one-word jump heads are a disservice to readers. I like a format that has a keyword then secondary head, like:
      KEYWORD: Secondary headline gives some detail

      • Scott M. Brings Plenty

        That makes sense…is there even a reason then to put the “from page 2” in there or is it just sort of assumed? I guess it would just be assumed because you wouldn’t have several identical jump headlines huh? lol

      • Barry Hoff

        I respectfully disagree with the keyword:second head thing on jumped stories. One of the dailies nearby does that and I find them confusing and unnecessary.
        Also, in reply to the reply below yours, I don’t think I’d get rid of the “from page 2” on the jump. If a reader doesn’t read the paper straight through they may find the jump before the beginning.

        • Barry:
          Your last sentence is precisely why I prefer the keyword/secondary head approach. A reader skimming from the back to the front sees a one-word jumhead like “PLAN” and learns nothing from that (granted, “PLAN” is an awful word to use in a headline). But if she sees “PLAN: City approves five-year approach to increased taxes” then she knows a lot more about the story than one word could tell her. Which of the following headlines is more likely to grab readers:
          a) BLAZE
          b) BLAZE: Five children burned to death in house fire.
          Uhhh…I think b.
          In all the redesigns I’ve done, I’ve never heard feedback about readers being “confused” by the keyword/secondary head approach.

  2. Hi Mandy. You had asked about fonts. Here are a few ideas.

    For lead stories, I’d go with Frutiger or Interstate. It looks like you’re maybe using Helvetica, which is kind of dated. The Frutiger in all caps would work well for the inside page headers too. For all other news headlines, including drop heads, I’d go with a solid serif font like Garamond condensed, Georgia or Kepler.

    If you’re feeling adventurous on fonts, try Utopia 9.2 for the text font. We use Frutiger, Garamond condensed and Utopia as the three font families at our paper. Hope that helps!

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