4 responses to “Page from: Scott M. Brings Plenty | Cherokee One Feather

  1. Marc Stumbo

    Lead head is too short and is placed too high vertically in the white space between the folio and the story. Tighter kerning would give a classier look to the head.

    Initial caps are inconsistent. In the lead story subhead, Epidemic, Violence and Native Women are initial-capped, but not “study” and “against.” Same with bottom caption slughead: Business is initial-capped but not “named” – do you have a style for that?

    Lead photo is really huge for a headshot, but I like its impact; however, it has no tension. The photo could have been cropped tighter on the left side, which would reduce the distance from the face to the left edge of the photo.

    There’s a wicked widow at the top of the right column and is shorter than the paragraph indent, which (I agree with Ed) needs to be brought down to 1 pica.

    When I see “News Briefs” I expect more than two. A tighter vertical crop on the Business of the Year photo could have resulted in the briefs extending across the page above it. You could have even incorporated the photo into the briefs, eliminating the need for the column rule and making the page less boxy. The News Briefs head should be vertically centered and I think the reverse box should go away.

    I’m seeing double spaces between sentences – that REALLY has to go. And a baseline grid would be helpful – for instance, the bottoms of the lead story columns and the photo caption all end up at different places.

  2. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Thanks Marc for all of your comments…they are very helpful. I am just now learning to be mindful of some of these basic elements including the widows at the tops of columns, spacing in headlines, and the basic problems associated with reverse type.

  3. David Merrill

    I have a favorite text font to add to the list: Charter.

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