7 responses to “Pages from: Renée Tanner | Petoskey News-Review

  1. Renee Tanner

    Thanks Ed. I agree with all you said. I usually don’t think to run photos along the bottom of the page … cuz I’m afraid they’ll blend with the ads, but when there aren’t any ads … no reason! Thanks!

  2. Agreed that the snow blast story could break up the pictures (which, by the way, are really strong). I second everything that Ed suggested.

    Very nice drop cap in the Sleigh Ride story. These are all really strong ideas for section fronts (particularly the Top 10 musts for New Year’s). Very impressive and very cool!

  3. Carlene (Bucht) MacGregor

    Enjoyed the packages, in spite of Ed’s comments. Keep up the great work! Your pages showcased your unique place in Northern Michigan, and reminded me of home (Drummond Island). Seeing the local events that my relatives attended was a wonderful surprise treat on a very cold morning (-35˚) in northern Minnesota. Thanks for making me homesick!

  4. Quality photos are always more effective than clip art, and if there are good photos, using clip art as supplement or background, unnecessary photo effects, or non-style fonts dilutes the effect of the photos.

  5. A minor picky: I would have taken off the border on the sleigh ride photo and feathered it, maybe run it a little wider with the snowflakes superimposed. (Yes, I know… taboo clip art. But I think it would work here.)

  6. Scott Dressel

    Another minor thing … I would have gone from 10 to 1 with the count on the New Year’s page.

  7. Marc Stumbo

    I like the 10-1 countdown idea – I think it would have changed the feel of the design a lot. The skates pic could have been used really B-I-G behind the entire top graphical setup – from the section header all the way down to where the skates currently appear, and then ditch the clipart. Only issue there is the pixel depth of the original skates photo. The only take-away is that there would be nothing to overlay the dates graphic, which the clipart does … so a little transparency might be in order. The calendar graphic is a perfect candidate for transparency … blending it more into the other elements would unite the design.

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