3 responses to “Pages from: Marah Pahl | Kanabec County Times

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    I agree…my first thought was, “wow, I would never read that page.” And, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a badly designed page…just too many dang words…maybe making the picture in the bottom left corner of the skiers a larger cutout running across the bottom? Just an idea.

  2. I get how tough it is to do a year in review piece–some events you can sum up in a sentence or two, while others need more explanation. And A LOT happens in a year. I wonder if you could have gone three pages. . .that would give you the opportunity to run pictures larger and with more impact.

    The film in the header. . .I get that it’s a good way to get more photos in, but a colleague once pointed out to me that film is rarely being used anymore (nor are Polaroids), so why would we use a film strip (or, for that matter, a Polaroid-type photo) in design?

  3. Dave Clark

    We also struggle with Year In Review centerpieces. I’ve threatened to do one next year with NOTHING BUT PHOTOS, which would be more interesting than the one we published in 2009 or 2010. I’d suggest you do that OR break it up into two or three stories. Let’s face it – we all do these pieces because that time of the year is slow, not because the year was so exciting. More successful was an idea from 2008 where readers picked the Top 5 stories via voting on our website. It was a less text-heavy way to do the same thing and we sidebarred other noteworthy events as bullet-pointed items.

    One other pet peeve: The filmstrip type concept is totally played out. In an age of digital photography (and digital movie theaters), the use of a negative or filmstrip visual seems very dated. I humbly submit we stop using this altogether unless it is used to convey a time (50, 60s, 70s) or the story is about old movies or old photographs.

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