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Holiday headers from: Karen Nelson | Kearney Hub

A COUPLE WEEKS AGO, Julie Holcombe at The Greer Citizen showed us the nameplates they used during the recent holiday season. Karen Nelson follows up with a set of holiday headers from the Kearney Hub in Kearney, NE. Her note follows, then her set of headers. As always, your thoughts and comments are welcome.



Attached is a PDF of our Christmas flags since 2002. We occasionally do special flags for other occasions (Fourth of July a couple times, National Guard unit’s return), but those are rare—the Christmas one is the only one we do regularly.

Our prepress people serve as our graphic designers for the news side, and in 2004 we got a prepress person who bought into the Christmas flag idea. As you can tell, they improved significantly. Previously, I did what I could with what I had (just Quark, no photo editing software of any kind).

We redesigned at long last in March 2009. No more beige/gray landscape and a slightly more sophisticated nameplate. (Hallelujah!)

The cute kid hospital ad has always been on the front, but in 2010 the publisher decided to move it into the flag, so another change. It is the only ad we ever have on the front page, and it runs December 1-24 only.

For those who want to know, the Kearney Hub is a six-day serving people in all or parts of nine counties of south-central Nebraska. We have a circulation of about 12,200.

Karen Nelson
copy desk chief, Kearney Hub


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Job opening: Indiana

FROM FOLLOWER LAURI SHILLINGS comes word of a position at her paper:

The Journal Review in Crawfordsville, Ind., seeks a page designer/copy editor who will design dynamic, reader-friendly pages and is a deadline-oriented wordsmith with knowledge of grammar, spelling and AP style.

Here’s the link to the posting at

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