7 responses to “Page from: Ellen Wznick | Sidney Herald

  1. Lori Freeze

    ACK!! This further muddies the separation of what is paid advertising and what is supposed to be objective journalism. Readers soon won’t be able to tell at all.

  2. Jeremy Morlock

    I have to agree with Ms. Freeze. One of our strongest assets as newspapers is the respect we earn from readers; that is what keeps them coming to us, and what makes our space valuable. If we consider our advertisers to be our main clients, rather than our readers, the readers are bound to notice. The beer ad especially seems to send the message that ads are king and news is incidental.

  3. Linda Buhman

    Hate ’em! Our local daily has started to do it, and you can’t tell where the ad ends and “editorial” begins. You have a tragic story on The Herald page and that stupid ad runs right into it. I hate to say “never,” but about the only way this format would be used in our papers is over my dead body…

  4. Lauri Shillings

    Ohhh, the friction!
    I have to say that I like *most* of these types of ads. It makes what could be a rather ordinary text heavy page and pops it into the modern era.
    I think the key to making this type of unique advertising work is the page designer who has to wrap the text or graphics around it.
    I could go on a rant about how community newspapers are dying because of their old fashioned values, technology and thinking … but that’s for another day. :)

    • Lauri:

      You are hereby authorized—nay, beseeched—to rant! I have my thoughts on these ads but would certainly like to hear from someone who works in ad design and may have some opinions that differ from those of editors. So…please…RANT!


  5. Lauri Shillings

    Well, you asked for it….
    Here’s a starter to that rant:
    Why not utilize new ideas (i.e. these unique ad shapes and designs) and new forms of technology to increase the profitability of your newspaper?
    Newspapers are OBVIOUSLY not making a whole lotta cash right now. This I know for a fact because I’ve taken a 12% hit to my own pocketbook along with everyone else at my small local newspaper more than 18 months ago and see no return of that in the near or foreseeable future.

    Now ask yourself, “Why?” Why are newspapers not making the profits they once were?
    My simplified answer: Advertising and readership.
    Advertising has found a new vehicle to spend money on—and I hate to tell you this but it’s not in print. It’s in the new-fangled thing called modern technology: smart phones, internet, twitter, blogs, etc…all that “free” stuff you might think is silly. Well, I can tell you: The millions and millions of people who use all that free stuff? They like it. They use it. They pay attention to the advertising on it, heck they pay for it, too—because it is presented to them in an easy to use and digest fashion that fits their on-the-go lifestyle.

    How many newspapers advertise themselves in an alternate medium? How many provide their advertisers a way to get their message out other than on their own personal websites and in print? Can we not create a web ad for our clients and have them pay to place it on several other sites, too? Do we not have the staff or the motivation to provide good marketing to our clients? No? Well, our clients think that we should be able to do that—because we are in the business of advertising. If we cannot provide these services to our clients, they will take their dollar to someone who can. Maybe a local marketing agency that CAN put their message on blogs, social sites, mobile phones, free news sites. etc…and that dilutes their dollars to spend with us, small community newspapers.

    In short, support new advertising ideas because they are working. Advertising clients like it. They PAY for it.

    It’s time to think outside the box—or, in this case, the page.

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