3 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    First off, very nice pages! I like them all and the graphics on the stats page is just what any sports guy like myself would pore over :)

    I do agree with Ed though that the two pages could’ve been swapped…it seems like the section starts before it starts, if that makes sense.

    But, nice work!

  2. Kristin Coker

    Awsome pages Michael, as always. :-)

  3. Thanks guys. Actually, both sports pages were swapped the other way in print. Not sure how they got flip flopped before they were posted to the blog. But the page with the 6-column photo and banner headline was a left read, and the graphics package and jumps were a right hand read.

    Ed, I used basic Microsoft Word to create the pie graphs and then did a Print-PDF. The bar graphs were drawn with Quark photo boxes. I did the math to ensure they were accurately sized. Everything else was done in Quark. When I was done, I made a PDF of the whole package and flowed it in a 2×21 photo box.

    Neat idea on running the Sports banner across A7. That did not occur to me. I’ll use that tip when/if our team makes the playoffs in 2011!

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