Go figure…with thanks to Doug Fisher

SO…HOW DO YOU DO A TEXT WRAP that’s so bad it makes your teeth hurt? Thanks to my colleague Doug Fisher, here’s a look at one example. This comes from The State, in Columbia, SC.

A widow…really      bad      word      spacing…well, not something I’d wanna put in my portfolio.

I begin to despair that page assembly people (no designer did this!) will ever get the idea that really      bad      word      spacing    makes    the     newspaper     look      sloppy.

Does anyone out there want to try to defend this?


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4 responses to “Go figure…with thanks to Doug Fisher

  1. looks like a prime example of “a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing”

  2. Surprised this came from The State. I quite like their bold approach to A1.

  3. Marc Stumbo

    Why would you set this body copy justified? Just use flush left … all problems solved. I read The State daily when I lived in Columbia (in the late ’90s) and I don’t remember seeing anything as egregious as this. This is a perfect example of “we did it because we can.” It’s worse than awful.

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