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We have a winner!

MONTHS AGO, I PROMISED to send pdf copies of my two books to the 100th follower on Twitter. It has taken a while, but I now have 100 followers…and Kyle Stephens at The Times-Leader in Grifton, NC has the books. Good for Kyle. Good for me. Good for this blog!

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Go figure…with thanks to Doug Fisher

SO…HOW DO YOU DO A TEXT WRAP that’s so bad it makes your teeth hurt? Thanks to my colleague Doug Fisher, here’s a look at one example. This comes from The State, in Columbia, SC.

A widow…really      bad      word      spacing…well, not something I’d wanna put in my portfolio.

I begin to despair that page assembly people (no designer did this!) will ever get the idea that really      bad      word      spacing    makes    the     newspaper     look      sloppy.

Does anyone out there want to try to defend this?


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A 360-degree treat!

MY LOVING BRIDE of 41 years showed me this a few weeks ago. I think you’ll find it a visual delight.

Let me know!

Be sure to click and crag on the photos. Each link takes you to a different photo.

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Pages from: Jeanette Kendall | Times Newspapers

JEANETTE HAS BEEN WATCHING this blog for some time, and has offered some pages in the past. Now, she comes to us with a redesign…exciting!

Her note follows, then the pages, with comments from Ed.


Hello Ed,
We recently went through a redesign, so I thought I’d send in an old and new version to see what you think? If you’d like to see a couple more, let me know. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!


1. You say you “went through” a redesign. This is unclear. Did you do the redesign yourselves or were you helped by an outsider?
2. The nameplate is more open and contemporary, the teasers are much easier to navigate.
3. Looks like you’ve returned to justified text in some stories. Do you have a style guide that spells out why and when that is to occur?
4. The new Bureau Grotesque typeface is, perhaps, a bit dated nowadays. But it’s certainly an improvement from your previous sans serif display face.
5. I wish you had allowed more negative space between packages. It still feels very tight.
Overall, it’s an improvement but I’m concerned that it doesn’t go far enough.
Reax from the rest of you would help Jeanette. What do you say?


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