5 responses to “Pages from: Jennifer Annis | The Greer Citizen

  1. Marc Stumbo

    Ed needs to pull back a bit on the funky font thing. Would I have used it in a past life? Probably yes. Would I use it now after reading Ed’s blog for I’m-not-sure-how-long-it’s-been? Umm … no. Is it funky? Yes. Is it inappropriate? In this instance it serves to be a graphical catalyst that ties this piece together and makes the section special … so, no.

    My problem with it is that the section doesn’t need to be made special … it already is, ’cause it’s … um … a special section. The font looks like Bauhaus and it is a very old “modern” font, “modern” coming from the German School of the Bauhaus which existed in the Deco movement between around 1919 to the 1930s when the Nazis forced it to close. It was very deco and modern then … that was 80 years ago … it’s not now.

    Ditch the font. Use a font you have designated as either a special font you use in your library/style sheet for special section heads or a variant of your existing headline/subhead style.

    OR use Bauhaus but only for the first character … then it becomes a graphic, not a weird font you chose to use in your layout.

    • Ed will never “pull back a bit on the funky font thing.” Never, I tell you! Never!
      I make people better designers by getting them to focus on the design of the page, rather than spending an hour browsing through a CD of “39,000 Fonts that are Funky Fun and Should have Never Been Designed and their Designers Should be Shot.”
      It’s the design of the page that matters…not the selection of the funky font.
      Thus Endeth the Lesson.

  2. Marc Stumbo

    I had pretty much stopped using funky fonts when I started reading your blog, and now I don’t use them at all … so we’re in agreement. I have my stable of fonts and they serve me well. Thanks to you and your blog I have become a better designer because, for one reason, I spend more time on DESIGN and less time looking for elements to design with – they’re already there. But a graphic that uses or builds on a character from an unusual font I would consider acceptable, depending on what that font is.

  3. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    I am a fledgling designer and fell into the funky font trap early on…wish I’d have known about this blog beforehand! But, I agree that the pages don’t need the font…other than that, I really like the work.

  4. Gus

    The size of the font in this case is so large that it becomes a graphic and it is consistent. I think the band members can relate to this “graphic”.

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