4 responses to “Page from: Lauri Shillings | Journal Review

  1. The thing I do like is the bit with the date at left and two promos at center. The appearance is nice. They are good secondary promos for people who get close enough because they’ve read the primary promo (which, I agree, needs fewer words and more point size).

    I might quibble with the verbiage on those secondary promos. I think that usually both “inside” and a page number is redundant. Bonus: Using just the page number gives more space either for words or white space.

    Anyway, since I like the appearance of those promos, I would suggest borrowing that idea to replace the heavy blackness of “online” and use the double arrow elsewhere so it doesn’t look orphaned up top. The other spots that it might be useful are the jump lines (in place of the dot and the word “see”) and the obits list (in place of the vertical divider).

    Just be careful not to go overboard so that you don’t have a page full of arrows the way we used to have pages full of diamonds. :)

  2. Annette

    If boxes are dead, what are some suggestions that you have on packaging a story? This is a problem I run into quite often.

    • I handle it by creating a design that has horizontal and vertical rules between all packages. That way, each package is “boxed” in by rules and a box is redundant and unnecessary.

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