More on text fonts

LAST WEEK’S ENTRY on text fonts drew a quick question from frequent contributor Kristin Coker:

“Ed: What are your feelings on QuioscoTwo?”

I responded:

“See the blog next week.”

It’s next week.

This is QuioscoTwo, from the FontBureau (

I like the open bowls and the extremely large x-height of QuioscoTwo, but I’m not taken by the fact that the strokes become thinner where they join other strokes, as in the “h” and the “m.”

Perhaps it’s because we’ve been together for so many years, I tend to still prefer Nimrod.

This is Nimrod, from

Nimrod has a very large x-height and is more rounded than the QuioscoTwo. To me, that roundness makes it more comfortable to read as well as highly legible. It’s more traditional and has no quirks in the design of its characters, adding to its readability. There are other excellent newspaper text typefaces out there. And I often take a look at them and consider using them. But when I do a test to see how they will work in a newspaper design, they often pale when compared to…yep…Nimrod.

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