4 responses to “Pages from: Jennifer Annis | The Greer Citizen

  1. David Merrill

    I think the “TaTas” page is a great idea, generally well executed, and that Ed has covered the ground in his comments.

    On the second page, however, I respectfully disagree with Ed on points one and three. I think Jennifer did a bang-up job of balancing those two stories on the page, and in particular letting the eye-catching, topic-specific lead art dominate the page without overwhelming the second story.

    I do think the dangling price-tag art would have been more effective if it weren’t so square and vertical, and if it had somehow hung from, say, the O in “COST” rather than an insignificant word in the subhead. That would have eliminated the ugly letterspacing in Ed’s point two, and it would also have presented a subhead challenge that might have become a design opportunity.

  2. Lori Freeze

    Too much type on the senior page corners? Is there no room for actual stories in page design these days?

    • Whoa, there! My comment had nothing to do with story length…and everything to do with the type just becoming a gray mass. The fixes I suggested could have been made without cutting a word. Ed

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