One response to “Page from: Lauri Shillings | Journal Review

  1. Marc Stumbo

    The teasers at the top are too big and the type usage in them is inconsistent. I see upper & lower case and all caps in various sizes in the teaser heads and serif and sans-serif type in the teaser body copy. The triangle teaser is OK but should be less busy. Also the photo sizes in the teasers should be more consistent. The runner and firefighter pics are too small, and the head shot of Gloria Wall is too big.

    On the main part of the page, there is good overall balance, and a nice graphic in the lead story, but the first thing my eye went to was the photo of the tiny people at top right. I also wondered why the kicker head in the boxed feature was yelling at me in all caps.

    The vertical spacing of the page elements is odd. The lead head is pushed up against the blue line, there’s a lot of space above the blue line before you get to the dateline, then above that a gray line with very little space. The dateline should be vertically centered between those two lines and there should be more space above the lead head. Again under the photos — I see different amounts of space between the photo and credit line, and the notch photo in the Barton story at the bottom of the page has no type running under it, just a big space, which makes the second leg of that story look too narrow.

    The notch photo in the Barton story tombstones with the Feast photo and the head sizes in the two notch photos on the page should be more consistently sized.

    The runarounds in the boxed feature are too close to the cutout photo.

    I see heads flush left, centered, flush right and full justify, all on one page. Is there a style usage for heads?

    Kerning/tracking of the headlines is not consistent. Accelplus and Chamber heads are loose, the other heads are tight. This font looks way better set with tighter tracking.

    Four of the five jump slugs drop below the baseline.

    I realize most of these points are nits, but I think dealing with them on a consistent basis can get you closer to having more “there” on your pages.

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