2 responses to “Pages from: Regina Wynn | Ozark County Times

  1. Kristin Coker

    I think the overall looks a lot cleaner. But (yes there’s a but) I still see a few things that could have been better.
    1. Your “Hottin and Hollerin” centerpiece needed to have a subhead below the picture. You have no lead into the story.
    2. The spacing around your mugshots is off. Some of your words are s – t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d.
    3. The jump page picture that is inset in the middle of three columns is confusing to a reader. My eye is not going back to the top of the page, its going underneath the picture.
    4. I’m with Ed on the double black lines. Keep the top, you don’t need the bottom one too.

    Other than that, I think it looks really good. Good job.

  2. Marc Stumbo

    I’ll be referring to the most recent two pages (Sept. 15).

    I agree with Ed: Nameplate needs a re-design … and from-the-ground-up. And Papyrus, while it’s a fun font for some things, should never be used in a newspaper template.

    The tab design under the nameplate (file folder tab?) would work better if there was another lighter one next to it – just having one makes it just kind of pop up out of nowhere. (There may be a lighter one and it didn’t come across in the JPEG.)

    I like the big, bold lead head, even if it is Impact or a variant.

    The 50th Year banner above Hootin an Hollarin looks like an advertisement – it should be a kicker head.

    5-bank single column head could have been re-worded to 4 banks (is there a style for that?).

    Wickedly awful word spacing and rivers in the “Warrants issued” piece. I would have tombstoned the pix and broken up the copy (like a pull quote) or left the runaround and set the whole thing flush left.

    In the same story, the subhead “Trials set” looks like it’s in the same size as the body copy (I see it on the inside page as well) only in bold. A larger perhaps more daring treatment would be an improvement, and definitely flush left.

    Spacing under the photos between the pic box and credit is inconsistent, even though it seems as though there’s a page/paragraph grid being used.

    The orphan a the top of the center column under Hootin an Hollarin on page 1 is the first thing I see. I feel orphans are as much a detriment to good body copy appearance as widows … to coin an Ed-ism, “fix ’em.”

    Hootin an Hollerin in the Page 1 teaser column looks like it is a regular feature. The left teaser column should be called something – have a title or a name – it’s part of the template. “This Week” or “Inside” or something that is consistent (hopefully more creative than my suggestions).

    I am uncomfortable with several different column widths designed to accommodate column rules. For instance, on Page 10A, there is a column rule between the two stories at the top of the page. To accommodate this column rule (and make what appears to be 1 p. gutter on either side of the rule), the columns in the story to the left are very narrow (see “Warrants issued” on page 1) and then the story at right has 3 columns that are wider than what appears to be the regular 5-column measure grid of the paper. That’s bothersome and unnecessarily fussy. I’m good with column rules – they should just appear inside of a regular gutter, and only be used when necessary. I would imagine this treatment makes layout rather difficult, especially if there are ads on the page.

    The jump on 10A has a single slug head and, like Ed, I have difficulty with that, especially in this case when it is the only thing across 5 columns. And the full column rule under the jump slug effectively isolates the copy below with the jump head/slug … I’m sure that’s not intended.

    You may consider putting a full line space between the byline (and its tag) and the story. And the reverse folios and bottom slugs have to go away … my paper used to use them for years and they were the first things I got rid of when we re-designed.

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