9 responses to “Pretty prep pigskin preview pages prominently posted post-haste

  1. Kristin Coker

    Absolutely am in love with the Greer Citizen. It’s different and done very well. Absolutely love everything about it!!!!!!!

  2. Lauri Shillings

    Ohhhhh! I’m inspired now! I’m currently working on a monthly high school sports tab design and I’ll be ‘borrowing’ that interrogation room concept… :)

  3. Jennifer Annis

    Re: The primary colors on the center spread

    We actually were going to use more muted colors, but we were concerned about the capability of our printers. Ultimately, we decided it was much safer to use the bright yellow than risk having some unintended colors appear.

  4. Greer — Dang, that’s cool. Really wish I’d’ve thought of that myself.

  5. The Greer Citizen section is amazing! Did you still run the static team shots that every sports preview seems to have?

    I agree with Ed, the Cherokee Scout cover is pretty solid. If the bench was a bit smaller, it’d be about perfect.

    I’d like to borrow ideas from both for our work. . .

    • We did not run the static shots. Instead we chose team action for the pages that included the roster, schedule, etc. And action pics of the coaches on the coach q and a pages.

  6. Scott M. Brings Plenty

    Interesting to see The Cherokee Scout here on the blog! Kinda neat…we’re only an hour away…I really don’t have much to add other than that LOL Thanks.

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