8 responses to “Page from: Kristen Weaver | Wilson County News

  1. David Merrill

    You said it, Ed! Not only is the page assembled rather than designed, it is crammed far too full. The lack of air anywhere, and especially around the headlines, is the first thing that struck me.

    All these stories apparently needed to begin and end on this page, and assuming the story lengths were fixed, the flexible elements were photos, captions, and the “Open vs. Closed” infobox. If those elements had been made to occupy less space, the savings could have helped loosen things up on the page.

  2. Linda Buhman

    This is why newspapers need designers.

  3. I consider myself an “assembler” and I really liked it the one time the original page was shown, and then the revised version was also shown. Looking at the difference really makes your design rules make sense. Can you do this again?

    • A good idea, Pauline. I will do that. But keep in mind that when I redo a page it may not have the elements exactly the same size/length as you do. If I were doing the page, I would have made some other decisions about story length and the like. Given that, I’ll be happy to give it a shot. Be aware, tho, that it may take me a week or two to get to it. CHALLENGE TO ALL: When you have time, why don’t YOU take a crack at redoing Kristen’s page?

  4. Judy Salter

    If a photo accompanies a story, I agree the hed should go below the photo. But in this case, given all the other problems with the page, shouldn’t there be a rule separating the lower story from the one above it?

  5. Marc Stumbo

    Agree with all points so far and have a few more to add.

    Placement of the elements is very inconsistent. Top left photo touches the baseline of the headline (what if there were descending characters in the head?) and the top right image is a little lower (but not low enough).

    Why is the slug “reprints available” in the captions? That should be placed somewhere else in the paper – like near or in the masthead.

    I have too much to say about the top right photo for this comment. Short version: I wouldn’t have used it.

    The Home on the ‘Open Range’ inset box is wider than the column width and rides up into the headline space. It could have been used somewhere else in the story to break up the body copy. And if the head was that short, rewrite it.

    The column widths are not consistent and it appears there’s no baseline grid used. Actually, this looks like paste-up.

    Typography needs work. The very wide inter-word spacing in many places could have been avoided by flexing the type a bit. If the words “commissioner” and “courthouse” were hyphenated in the Commissioners story, most of the extreme spacing in that story would have disappeared. The good thing is that I don’t see any widows or single word justification, but there are some orphans – especially one that is the end of a hyphenated word in the top story – that could have been avoided.

  6. I agree with you Ed. The page looks outdated.

  7. Wow, thanks for all the input! This definitely gives my design staff some excellent food for thought. This definitely was not a great page for us, but we can surely learn from the ideas offered. I know this page was one of the last to be completed after a late deadline, but we can take many of these suggestions and freshen up our design throughout. Thanks again!

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