One response to “Page from: Joe Baker | The Karnes County Times

  1. Kristin Coker

    Hi Joe,
    The mast looks better, but Ed is right. The cartoon should be replaced with a photo. Plus, I don’t know if you’re married to that blue reverse bar, but it screams too bright to me. Maybe a powder blue instead of neon blue.

    I’m also not liking your vertical calendar at the left either. Why make the type there considerably larger than anything else on your page? Is it your lead story? Is it more important than anything else on this page? I would scrap it altogether and either make a bottom-of-the-page look or put more stuff in the vertical rail. My paper used to have a rail and we stuffed it with promos for stories inside, weather, death list, index and website promo.

    Your photographs need a little work on this page too. I noticed that you have both photos with a white border and drop shadow. News photographs should look clean and impactful. Leave the drop shadow off unless it is needed. Also, you need a dominant photo to carry the page. The photos look small to me.
    That’s it, hope I wasn’t too persnickety.

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