3 responses to “Page from: Kristin Coker | The Times and Democrat

  1. Marc Stumbo

    I love it. Got some picayunes but they’re so minor I’m goin’ with I LOVE IT! Gotta comment on the use of Cooper Black – it’s a font you’d have to shoot me to use … I used it decades ago and it got pretty darned old quick(ly). It’s narrow usage is perfectly executed in this page – good job Kristin! And the hand-lettered font works perfectly. Question: Where’d you get the diagrams to work from and the blackboard background? It’s perfect. Made me smile :)

    • Kristin Coker

      LOL! I drew the diagrams myself. I actually had to look at actual plays and I just reproduced them on the image of a chalkboard. Thanks for the compliment; I spent hours trying to get them right.

  2. If you had hours to draw the diagrams, that means you have good planning at your paper. Too bad all papers can’t follow suit.

    I love this page. It really makes me want to open it up and see the rest. Just being nitpicky but the right hand cutout by your heading is strange (the middle and pointer fingers).

    Otherwise, good job!

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