4 responses to “Page from: Joe Baker | The Karnes County Times

  1. Jay Dickerson

    I agree about the football photo. That’s a pretty sweet shot that would have looked cool if cropped a bit more tightly on the players, and run bigger.

    If you’re jumping Tierra Pointe anyway, why run so much of the story on the front? Run the photo a bit bigger, and start the story to the right of the photo.

  2. I agree completely about the photo. It’s absolutely wonderful and I like the treatment of it. “It Begins” really emphasizes the impact of high school football. And a tighter crop would make it a bit bigger, thus making it easier to start the Terra Point story to the right of the photo rather than having text above or below.

    The rail seems a bit too frivolous in comparison with the rest of the page, and I’d swap that sun for something else … if the sun image is significant, maybe a real photo of the sun coming over the horizon?

  3. its fairly clean. other than the sun in the flag and the dogleg of text over a photo – those need to go i believe.

  4. Thanks everyone for the comments — I think they are all right on target and will help us work on a better front page design.

    Every day I learn more and moe about newspaper design and the help from experts such as yourselves is much appreciated.

    Thanks again!


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