“OK, OK, folks…let’s just move along. Stay calm…nothing happening here. Move along…”

EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE, something comes down the pike that makes you just kinda shake your head and wonder: “What were they thinking?”

A mini-storm blew through the design trade about a month ago, with the introduction of ready-media, a set of page design templates that promises “Quality design, now accessible to all.”

And the design community has reacted—more like over-reacted. Comments range from “no, thanks” to “you gotta be insane!” to “what’s all the fuss about?” to “it’s Armageddon for design!”

Frankly, I don’t have a dog in this hunt—but it is fun to sit on the sidelines and watch the “dezyneurs” and the dilettantes have at it.

Occasionally, I will prepare a set of Page 1 models for clients. I purposely call these “models” and not “templates” because  I suggest to my clients that they use these to generate ideas, not follow them precisely.

If you want to read more about the ready-media dust-up, some links follow. But then, you might just have something more productive to do—like picking coins out of the sofa.

The links:




And…thanks to blog contributor Lauri Shillings for sending along her alert on this a couple of weeks ago. I had read about it just a day or two earlier, but it’s good to hear from others on issues like this!

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One response to ““OK, OK, folks…let’s just move along. Stay calm…nothing happening here. Move along…”

  1. I think it was in the mid-1990s, when I was covering sports, when I read in a computer magazine or catalog about software that would write your game stories for you. You would fill in some data and answer some key questions and voila, a story would be spat out.

    Really creepy, but when you’re the only sports writer covering a dozen teams in a season, kind of vaguely compelling at the same time. But still, creepy.

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