My turn in the barrel

OK, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE to get even with Ed for all those nasty things he’s had to say about your pages on this blog.

Just for fun, I’m posting one of my recent designs here. I thought you’d like to give me some feedback. Like? Don’t Like?

Have at it!



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11 responses to “My turn in the barrel

  1. Kristin Coker

    Like. It is elegant with just the right amount of negative space. I just have one point of being persnickety though. Your quote on the right talks of a Merlot being the best and you have it flush next to the bottle of a white wine. A red wine would have been better. :-)

  2. I like it; I’d read it! My complaint: What’s the resolution on the wine pics? They look like clipart/stock blown up 300x and are pretty rough, even on the large version. Love the punny headline, though, so kudos to whomever wrote it!

    • Thanks for the comments, Anne. I’ll claim credit for the headline…glad you like it. Yes, the photos are blown up quite a bit—not something I worry about too much for mockups tho I understand that we can’t kick them up so much for “real life” pages. I don’t think this means I’m showing something that’s not doable. But it does mean that we have to find (or take!) the right photo. And that brings us to the subject of planning. Ahh…you’ve heard THAT one before!

  3. Clean page. I had the same thought/observation that Kristin did about the quote.

    The drop cap starting the story is a little bothersome for me. It seems to compete with the headline. Could it have been smaller? Was it even needed at all?

    I do like how the bottle takes advantage of the length of the page and I enjoy the subtly of the transparency of the white wine (a merlot/red probably would not have allowed that).

    Question: What’s your logic on the body justification. Wine = align left vs. Shopping for stuff = Justified? Using both in one publication never occurred to me.

    • Stephen:

      OK…I’m going back and changing “Merlot” to “Riesling.” Point taken on that and I appreciate your comment and Kristin’s

      I like the drop cap…let’s see what others say.

      Yep. It had to be a white wine to get the transparency.

      Good catch on the bottom story: it, too should have been flush left. But it’s OK to run flush left and justified type on the same page. Lots of papers do that. Look at sports fronts, for example: many will have the stories justified but the column flush left. Same is true on many other pages. Mixing is OK—provided there’s a rationale to it.

      • Kristin Coker

        At my paper, columns and centerpieces are flush left while everything else is justified. . . . and I like the drop cap, too.

  4. I think it looks great! I think the top headline is clever. The only thing that bothers me for some reason is the bottle of the wine bottle above the headline. It seems obtrusive.

  5. Rhea

    Like. But, the drop cap bothers me. When I glanced at the page, that’s the first thing I saw. Then my eyes went to “Vine.” As I looked at it more, I tried to like the drop cap, but I just can’t.

    • Well, thanks for trying…tho you don’t have too. Design is our effort to make the page appealing to the reader. If the page—or any element on it—doesn’t work, well…it doesn’t work.

  6. John Hedges

    IMHO: Stylish, clean page befitting the topic.

    I think the white wine image gives the page a symmetry of colour with the ‘vine’ and drop cap. Besides, a red wine pic might have made the page look heavy with a predominantly red graphic as the underpinning image.

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