8 responses to “Page from: Kristin Coker | The Times and Democrat

  1. There are a couple of your criticisms I would differ with. I like the piano; it gives it a feeling of motion. The different mug zooms are a little off-putting now that you mention it, but I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

    I think the Unique Expressions photo needed to be larger to accommodate the number of faces in it. Perhaps it and the other three could have been swapped with the events box. That would avoid setting them apart.

  2. courtney

    I agree with Ed on his points.

    Also, we all know that parents are crazy picture takers when it comes to their kids, whether it’s sports or just in the back yard. This shows a lack of organization in the planning stages, when at least one parent would have supplied little suzy singing her heart out or johnny dancing his life away on stage. in my opinion, that would have made a better dominant photo than an artsy keyboard.

    also, why weren’t the kids’ first names used?

  3. Kristin Coker

    Of note, the Unique Expressions photo was as large as it could be made. It was actually sent in as a scanned photo from an earlier printing in our newspaper. I had to photoshop the picture a lot to make it look the way it is.

  4. Marc Stumbo

    First thing I noticed was the different sized mugs – detracts from the rest of the page. Don’t mind the tint, but you don’t really need it. I like the keyboard and the headlines. The drop cap “M” is too far away from “usic.” I would have brought the first line back toward the “M” and let the rest indent where they are. I would have tried the bullets as hanging indents. The “Online” box breaks up the copy, but a different idea might have been to pull the bullets out and make two pieces, separating the “who’s competing” portion from the news story. Then you would have opened up some different options for both the bullets and the “Online” box. Group photo at bottom needs to be bigger – it could even overlap the keyboard, placing more emphasis on the photos and less on the graphic.

  5. Josh

    There appears to be an issue with the clipping on the keyboard where it runs over the blue box. It may well have filled when the ink hit the newsprint, but it looks really sloppy on an otherwise very well-done page.

    I agree with Joel that the Unique Expressions photo needs more size, but I would just make it bigger where it is and overlap the keyboard a little bit.

  6. I also like the keyboard because of the motion and also because it connotes a talent show – the only element other than the head to do so. What I like about the online box is that it breaks up what would otherwise be a lump of gray type. And I have to give kudos for doing something other than row on row of faces; at least this page has some interest to it – especially given the short deadline.

  7. All the issues that come with submitted photos probably applied here, huh? Some candid and some not, varying quality, varying sizes, varying resolution. (Photos sized for the web are my favorite. Really.)

    We do pay close attention to face size when doing mugs — all the same face size, with eyes all at the same level or close to it. It’s surprising how organized and neat a page can look with just that one change.

    I saw some time ago in an SND magazine where a designer had taken mug shots, grouped them, and used them as the main art. (That design also used a tint block which in a newer era probably would seem gratuitous.) I wonder if something like that would’ve worked better for this page than stringing them around the edge and finding click art to carry it.

  8. I like the concept and the keyboard. Sometimes when you have no art (and no time), you have to “design.” A guy at The State once said that in those cases you should “throw some spaghetti” on the page. That said, I agree the mug shot sizes are distracting. Maybe running them all as 1/2 columns would’ve compensated and added some negative space? But considering the deadline pressures and lack of art, it’s a great effort.

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