Photo pages: Two looks

THIS WEEK’S POSTS FEATURE a look at photo pages, two from Marc Stumbo and one from Josh Dewberry. To put my comments on those pages into context, I thought I’d show a couple of photo pages I just created for a client.


1. The photos are clustered. There’s no copy block or negative space between the photos.

2. With only one exception (can you find it?) the space between the captions and the photos above/below them is identical.

3. Every photo carries a caption below it. The copy block tells the story.

4. Except for the three photos along the bottom of the left page, there’s no attempt here to make photos the same size.

5. The lead photo on each page is clearly larger than any of the others.

6. The photos don’t completely fill the space. Some are a bit narrower, some a bit shorter so the page has some odd negative space to the outside. That’s because the photos are “right-sized,” not sized or cropped to fill every square inch of space.

What are your thoughts? Would you rearrange? Why? How?


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4 responses to “Photo pages: Two looks

  1. I like overlapping photos — creating a collage and having white space still. But with that many, especially that many small photos, I’d have to put cutlines in one spot with numbers. Too much going on…

    My thought is if you’re using that many photos, the photos are the story – not the article. Make the article down further in the page rather than inserted like a leg.

    Big pictures, big impact.

    • You and I part company on overlapping photos. I think that’s what we do in high school yearbooks, not newspapers. And I am absolutely opposed to grouped captions. They make readers work too hard.

  2. Marc Stumbo

    I like the ragged negative space on the outside of the page – that would have helped ease the rigid feeling on Josh Dewberry’s page (even though I forgot to mention it in my comment there). I feel that there are too many photos here. I just think a few more odd sizes, a fewer number of photos and a little more white space on the outside edges (preserving the inside spacing of the cluster) would ease these pages up a bit and make them more inviting.

  3. Kristin Coker

    I like the second page more. I love odd sizes that draw me in to a package. The first looks more of a cookie cutter page and a little boring. I did a package a long time ago similar to this. It was a top 10 story and I arranged the pictures as if it was almost like puzzle pieces fitting together. Some long, some wide and some small; but they all fit together almost like they were meant to be there.

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