5 responses to “Page from: Josh Dewberry | The Monroe Journal

  1. Lots of colour! Love it!

    I agree with the formatting all the same size — sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. For the most part it does. I agree there’s a few odd crops.
    But I love the centre photo – captures emotion very very well!

  2. Marc Stumbo

    I’m with Ed on this one – gotta have captions. My eye went to the bottom right pic and stayed there … I want to know what’s going on so I can get back to viewing at the page. Great pictures – perfect usage on the center photo. I might have gone with a bolder headline. Also, I find it distracting that the smaller photos on the left and right are not all the same width, and the gutter on the right side of the main photo is wider than the one on the left. While the spacing issue is a small nit, to me it takes my attention away from what is otherwise a great page.

  3. Very colorful and bright. I like it a lot!

  4. P.S. I agree with Ed. You need photo captions.

  5. Josh

    Thanks for the compliments and criticism!

    I’m not exactly sure why we decided against captions, as I remember scrambling to get everyone identified.

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