4 responses to “Pages from: Michael Smith | Carolina Forest Chronicle

  1. Kristin Coker

    I liked all of them. I loved your visitor edition too. The only thing that I could possibly say anything about is on your “shelter package.” I don’t really like that you made the background all black and I don’t see the point in making it that way either. Leaving the red reverse bar over the package, I think, would have been better and maybe moving your subhead down to where the story starts is a must in my book. You’ve created space between the headline and the story and its a bit jarring.

    Well that’s it! LOVE everything else and I loved Pac-Man!

  2. I especially like the bear page. The bear is a great proportion for a cutout.

  3. Kristi K.

    Some of the best pages I’ve seen on this blog. Good job! What’s bothering me is your headline leading… it seems too loose. Is it snapping to the grid?

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. I didn’t realize three deck, two column heads were taboo. Nothing I can do about the coupons or the color ads. Sadly I’m out of the ad design loop and often have to design around loud ads.

    I did enlarge the Pac-Man story typeface and increased the leading to improve readability. There were no problems in production. With the animal shelter package, I reversed because I thought my animal photo wasn’t as good as others on the blog are stating (thanks for the compliments!). I usually reverse to help disguise average art. The general headline leading is as it’s been since our redesign in 2004.

    I hope that helps! I will have a few more pages shortly. Thanks!

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