Page from: Linda Stinnett | The Derby Informer

ONE LAST LOOK THIS WEEK at pages from The Derby Informer. This time around, we take on the sports front.


1. The page violates one of my cardinal rules of design: Place The Visual First! The mid-page photo looks like it was shoe-horned in after all that writingwritingwritingwriting was given priority. Yes, the writing is important…but in this case, the long stories become daunting for readers and the lead art offers no real impact.

2. Why is one headline here in serif while all others are sans serif? Do you have a style guideline that calls for that?

3. The 1/2-column text wrap around the baseball score box is distracting and unnecessary—with some rework, the box could have been kept to two columns wide.

4. Putting the score boxes at the bottom corners of the packages tends to separate them from the rest of the elements. Better to place them within the package. Example: place the golf scores below the golf photo and caption.

5. Folio is cluttered; it might work better to make it part of the underline on the section flag.

6. Text is not aligned to a baseline grid, another basic guideline for good design.

I hope these comments are helpful and now I look to see feedback for Linda from the rest of you!


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