5 responses to “Pages from: Dennis Phillips | Clifton Record and Meridian Tribune

  1. Kristin Coker

    You need to let the page breathe a little. It is way too tight. I feel claustrophobic just looking at it. Negative space is your friend, embrace it, love it and let it breathe.

    Is it your style to make your headlines gray? Why? Some headlines are centered, some are flush left and some are just too small. You also may want to look at getting newer fonts. These look a little outdated.

    Too many butterflies. Two or three would have been better.

    A great designer once told me to just keep it simple and remember to edit. Don’t just throw everything you’ve got at it. I think that designer was Ed.

  2. David Merrill

    Good comments all. I have just one to add.

    You have a tendency to stack a bunch of short segments on top of each other and jump many of them. I’d prefer, and I believe your readers would prefer, to have more of a few stories rather than less of many stories on the front page.

    I’ve built pages for a niche magazine where I was required to jump as often as possible so the salesperson could sell more topic-specific ads on the jump pages. That’s probably not the case here, but I’ve also heard newspaper people suggest that jumps move eyeballs inside where the ads are. If they’re that fearful of losing advertisers, why would they risk losing readers as well by trying to trick them into looking inside? If the paper reads well, holds interest, and looks good, most readers will look inside even if nothing jumps.

  3. Melanie Byer

    For me, there are just too many elements here, including in the name plate. I’m not sure where to look first. The shaded top boxes for The Meridian Tribune compete with the paper’s centerpiece for the reader’s attention.

    I agree with David’s comment that fewer stories on the front would be helpful for readers. I see several that could be used inside as briefs instead.

    Simple is best.

  4. All excellent suggestions. the baseline grid, man what was I missing not using that feature. I have updated both papers, using these suggestions and in a few weeks I will submit again. thank you for all your input, I really do appreciate it.

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