One response to “Pages from: Robbie Schwartz | The Walton Tribune

  1. Marc Stumbo

    I agree with Ed on the magenta. A 4-bank head with subhead is too much; after all that I don’t need to read the story. And teasers need to have page numbers.

    On the May 19 front page, I would have ditched the tent shot and used the walking feet larger in that package, and maybe make the headline overlay the pic. Or, use the graduation photo large across the top (lots of faces, lots of newsstand sales) as a self-contained label-pic-cap and then re-purpose the other elements. The fire pic could have gone inside, making three photos with one clearly the main.

    About the “Future of school site” package on the May 16 front: The tiny kicker above the photo is way too small, and I must admit I’ve never seen a byline above a photo. The photo and story are by the same person, so why not put the byline with the story and say “Photo and story by…” Also, for package kickers (or labels if you will) a different font sets them apart and since many labels don’t have verbs, the difference makes them stand apart from headlines.

    May 23: I agree with Ed: I would have made the cutout of the young beauty much larger and even tried having her stand on the type. The italic in the head does not work very well, especially if the head became the “floor” for the girl to stand on. The inset picture should have been smaller; skewing it works well, however. I have a real problem with the drop cap treatment on that story – the “A” is way too far away from the rest of the graph and there is an unnecessary extra line of space under it. In that package a larger drop cap would have been more effective and the first line should have been brought right next to the “A” – the rest of the left side of the graph could stay where it is.

    I like the white space used in general as well as the packaging of the stories.

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