3 responses to “Pages from: Robbie Schwartz | The Loganville Tribune

  1. Marc Stumbo

    Rather than an inset pic to accompany the Tucker shot, why not put Mr. Stephens in the car, get down low for a 3/4 view and, using a wide-angle lens, accentuating the lines of the car?

    • Marc: I had the same thought…but then realized that it was a submitted photo. By suggesting the inset approach, I was assuming they couldn’t do much more with the photo and would have to go elsewhere for a picture of the Tucker. Sometimes, ya gotta grab for whatever you can get.

      • Marc Stumbo

        I see it is a contributed photo – I missed that, and you’re correct. Since this was page 1 usage, maybe they could have coordinated a shoot and sent their photographer. Since it’s a featch, there should have been enough time. But I understand that is not always possible.

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